Coverage for temporary professional disability

At Mutualidad we accompany you when you are unable to carry out your professional activity, guaranteeing the payment of daily compensation in cases of illness, accident, becoming a parent, etc.


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What is temporary professional disability cover?

Working is essential for your financial security. When you temporarily interrupt this activity due to becoming a parent, illness or accidents, you need to be protected.

With our temporary professional disability cover, you are guaranteed daily compensation in these situations. You will gain peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones.

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Find out how little it costs to cover Temporary Professional Disability
Calculation of the monthly contribution¹ for the main guarantees and the optional guarantees of Temporary Professional Disability according to age² and the daily compensation option.
Option AOption BOption C
Main Guarantees€30 per day€60 per day€90 per day
20 to 34 years20.2632.2844.30
35 to 49 years24.9340.7256.52
50 to 66 years19.5337.0654.58
Hospitalisation due to illness or accident€30 per day€60 per day€90 per day
20 to 34 years1.813.625.43
35 to 49 years2.665.337.99
50 to 66 years5.4310.8616.29
Surgery or treatments³€30 per day€60 per day€90 per day
20 to 34 years5.1610.3315.49
35 to 49 years5.1610.3315.49
50 to 66 years7.4614.9322.39
Partial temporary disability€30 per day€60 per day€90 per day
20 to 34 years1.102.193.29
35 to 49 years1.052.093.14
De 50 to 66 years1.002.003.00
¹ The initial bill will also include the Consortium’s surcharge of 0.06, 0.11 and 0.16 euros, respectively.
² Considered to be closest to the birthday.
³ This cover requires the prior or simultaneous contracting of the optional cover for Hospitalisation due to Illness or Accident. The maximum at which the policy can be taken out is 49 years.

Note: There is an waiting period of 7 days, except for maternity, miscarriage, adoption, paternity and partial temporary disability.

For the guarantees to take effect, a 60-day waiting period is generally required, with the following exceptions:

1) For single payment guarantees for maternity, miscarriage or adoption, 240 days from the contracting of the guarantee or extension until the start of the pregnancy or request for adoption, except in the case of the Plan Alternativo Autónomo system when the registration of the coverage as an alternative to the public Social Security system coincides with the date of joining Mutualidad, in which case there is no waiting period.

2) For surgical interventions and treatment guarantees, the qualifying period shall be 180 days. In the event of an accident, no waiting period shall apply. The maximum daily compensation amount is €90 between the Plan Alternativo Autónomo and the Plan Ahorro Flexible.

How do you pay your premiums?

Choose the option that best suits your needs. We can also adjust your tariff to the payment system you have set up in your Plan Alternativo Autónomo or your Plan Ahorro Flexible.


Take out or extend your coverage

  • If you have the Plan Alternativo Autónomo you are covered for Temporary Professional Disability for a minimum of 30 euros/day of main guarantees, which you can extend and top-up.
  • If you have taken out this cover under both the Plan Alternativo Autónomo and the Plan Ahorro Flexible, the combination cannot exceed €90/day.
  • If you are insured with another company for this type of coverage, send us a copy of the policy and the last receipt and we will waive the waiting periods*.

* Pre-existing conditions at the time of taking out cover will not be covered under any circumstances.

How is the temporary professional disability cover taxed?

In the Plan Alternativo Autónomo, the contribution is deductible for personal income tax purposes and will be taxed, in the event that the benefit is paid, as earned income for personal income tax purposes (IRPF).

In the Plan de Ahorro Flexible,, if the premiums have been deducted as a business expense, the benefit will be considered as earned income. If this is not the case, it will be taxed as a capital gain, and will not be subject to withholding.

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