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Being a mother and father is one of the most important moments in life and that is why Mutualidad offers you a maternity or paternity benefit when you take out the Temporary Permanent Disability within the del Plan Alternativo Autónomo or the Plan Ahorro Flexible, so that you can focus on what is really important.


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Where is maternity and paternity coverage included?

Maternity and paternity benefits are compulsorily included in the main guarantees of the temporary disability cover when taking out the Plan Alternativo Autónomo for alternative members under 40 years of age. They are also optionally available to members who take out the Plan Alternativo Autónomo over the age of 40, as an extra, or take out the el Plan Ahorro Flexible.

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What guarantees are included?

The following main guarantees are included in the professional temporary disability cover (ITP): maternity, paternity, adoption, miscarriage, breastfeeding, life-threatening risk to the mother or foetus, hospitalisation due to pregnancy related illness. Depending on the indemnity option you have contracted, these would be the benefits you would be entitled to:

Main guaranteesOption A *Option BOption C
Maternity or adoption payment€3,600€3,600€3,600
One-time payment for spontaneous abortion600 €600 €600 €
Single payment for paternity (paid in 4 instalments)€3,600€3,600€3,600
Breastfeeding (single payment)€75€150€225
Coverage for life-threatening risk to mother or foetus€30/day€60/day€90/day
Hospitalisation for pregnancy related illness (maximum 7 days)€15/additional day€30/additional day€45/additional day
* Compulsory for members of the el Plan Alternativo Autónomo of an alternative nature under 40 years of age.

Waiting periods

There is a waiting period of 240 days from the contracting of the guarantee or extension until the start of the pregnancy or request for adoption, except in the case of the Plan Alternativo Autónomo: when the start of the coverage as an alternative to the public Social Security scheme coincides with the date of joining Mutualidad, in which case it is not considered a waiting period.

How do I apply?

Download the Application for professional temporary disability cover and send it to us at sam@mutualidadabogacia.com

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