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Mutualidad savings plans are designed for people who are looking for a secure, headache-free way of making their savings profitable.

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The importance of saving

There is no doubt that saving is important for everyone. But good savings are not just about not spending, as money is worth less over time due to inflation, rising costs of living and other factors, so it is important that these savings generate a return. And at Mutualidad we ensure that this profitability is the best possible.

Our savings plans can have many uses: for example, being able to take that trip to New York you’ve always dreamed of, supporting your children with that master’s degree that will help them in their professional career or having it as a long-term option to supplement your pension. All this in order to achieve your short-, medium- and long-term savings goals, which are necessary to achieve savings security.

But for a savings product to be really worthwhile, it is essential to go hand in hand with a solvent entity in which your savings are safe; moreover, at Mutualidad we make sure that we always achieve the best profitability for you.

Advantages of saving with Mutualidad

Do you need help?

Our agents will help you choose the savings plan that best suits your particular case according to your needs.

Short-term savings products

Suitable for customers who want to give a return on their savings in a secure environment, but with the possibility of recovering the amount contributed, as well as the interest generated, in a short period of time.

Making my savings profitable

At Mutualidad we offer you products for long-term savings, with all the guarantees of a solvent and reliable entity.

Saving for retirement

With PPA Mutualidad, Plan Incrementa Autónomo and also PIAS Mutualidad you will be able to top-up your pension thanks to the high profitability that you will obtain with your savings.

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