Saving for retirement

After working for many years , you deserve to be able to enjoy life. And what better way to achieve this than through Mutualidad, the number one social security institution in Spain, which manages more than 9 billion euros for more than 200,000 legal professionals and their families.

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What is the best way to save for retirement?

Saving always involves an effort and at Mutualidad we are aware of this, which is why we have a team of professionals at your disposal to find the option that best suits your specific savings needs, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

From Mutualidad we give you the following advice to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way:

Start as soon as possible. Pay attention to the proverb “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, because the sooner you start, the more you can get out of your savings. Although it is not very common in Spain at present, it is advisable to start saving for your retirement as soon as you have your first stable job.

Choose your retirement plan wisely. Each person is different and has their own needs and circumstances; therefore, not all plans are going to be equally effective for your life. Fortunately, Mutualidad has a team of managers who will help you find the best fit for you.

Perseverance will be your ally. It is preferable that you pay a lower contribution and pay it without fail on a regular basis, rather than paying a high contribution sporadically. Saving for retirement is more an exercise in perseverance than in paying out large sums… And as the saying goes, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”.

Advantages of retirement savings

One of the positive points of saving for retirement with Mutualidad is how easy it is to do so, but you can also enjoy the following advantages

Mutualidad helps you

Our experts will help you choose the savings plan that best suits your particular needs.

Savings plans for retirement

At Mutualidad we help you to achieve your dream of a peaceful retirement, with all the guarantees of a financial institution with many years of service.

Tax benefits

Contact us to find out first-hand about all the tax benefits that our savings plans can offer you, so that you not only get a return on your savings but also pay less tax.


We are by your side

After working for many years, you don’t want to have a shock when it’s time to retire. That is why at Mutualidad we will accompany you throughout the whole savings process so that, when your working age comes to an end, you can devote yourself to what you really want: your family, friends, travelling, or whatever you prefer.

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