Risk level
1/6 This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.
Liquidity alerts
This product does not require a liquidity alert.

Plan Renta Vitalicia

A monthly income from day one

The Plan Renta Vitalicia is a safe and reliable way to have your savings protected and receive an annuity for life – or for as long as you need it – along with attractive tax benefits.

This insurance product is aimed at people who already have savings capital and want to protect it with the security of obtaining a high return and at the same time receiving a regular income.

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Excellent return
*Returns before management fees and insurance coverage costs. Gross yield 3.30%. The effective return determined by the quotient between the total income for the year and the contribution paid for the life annuity form with full return of the capital contributed (with surrender) depends on age and varies between 3 % and 3.10 % for contracting ages between 60 and 90 years. For other age groups or for partial repayment of capital, please consult Mutualidad. Past returns do not imply future returns.

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Types of income

Each person has their own circumstances and needs, which is why this Plan de Renta Vitalicia offers two types of annuity.

Which do you prefer: Leaving a larger amount to your heirs or having a higher monthly income?

Large tax benefits

Only part of the income obtained will be taxed as income from investment capital, depending on your age at the time of taking out the contract.

This percentage will remain unchanged throughout the life of the insurance policy, except in Navarra, where it will be updated as the member comes of age.

The withholding tax rate in force at the time shall be applied to the calculated yield.

Chico sonriente
Age of employment% of taxable income
Under 40 years40%
Between 40 and 49 years35%
Between 50 and 59 years28%
Between 60 and 65 years24%
Between 66 and 69 years20%
70 years and over8%

What do I need to do to take out the policy?

If you are already a member, you can apply for this product by logging into your user area.

If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for this product by downloading and completing the application form.

Need help?

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about this product and its contract, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already retired and as such receive a pension. I saw that there is a product that would allow me to supplement my retirement pension. What does this insurance consist of?

With the Remunerated Life Annuity insurance you will receive a monthly annuity payment for life. It is a safe, cost-effective and fiscally very attractive way of converting a savings into a pension.

At Mutualidad there are up to 2 types of annuities, from the classic – in which the pension is paid indefinitely, for as long as the insured person lives – to one in which it is possible to recover the contribution made.

The life annuity, regardless of the type of annuity chosen, begins to be paid from the first month of effective payment of the premium, and will continue to be paid to the member in natural, full and in arrears monthly instalments.

What is the tax attraction of the Remunerated Life Annuity?

The annuities received are taxed as income from investment capital for personal income tax purposes. The tax rate is set at 19% up to 6,000 euros, 21% up to 50,000 euros and 23% for the rest.

But the tax benefit is that part of it is exempt. Only a percentage of the annual income received is taxed, which is established according to the age of the beneficiary at the time of setting up the contract (e.g. if the beneficiary is 70 years old at the time the policy is taken out in 2018, the percentage of income taxed is only 8%, which reduces the withholding tax to 1.52% instead of 19%).

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