Unit Linked Explora

Your journey towards smart investment

Invest with higher expected returns based on your risk profile and the diversification of your investments. Unit Linked Explora is for mutual investors willing to take on more risk in exchange for a higher expected return. You can choose your investment level in each basket and therefore the risk at any given time.

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Invest at your pace

Unit Linked Explora is a life savings insurance with which you enter the world of investment at your own pace. You can take it out for a longer term with a minimum contribution of €3,000 and make extraordinary contributions from €600 with no maximum investment limit. With management fees of only 1% for all fund capital tranches.

TipesTo whom?Characteristics
Expedition BasketMutualists who have a risky investor profile, that is, with a risk tolerance profile and the ability to withstand high losses, who are willing to invest in a portfolio that invests, at most, 100% of the investment in Variable Income although a central exposure of 90% is estimated.In the long term, the objective is to maintain a core exposure of at least 75% in international variable income instruments up to a maximum of 100%. The rest, between 0%-25% of total assets, will be invested in treasury and short-term public debt assets of the euro zone, as well as public fixed income and private fixed income instruments.
Travel BasketMutualists who have a somewhat less risky investor profile, that is, with a risk tolerance profile and an ability to withstand minor losses, who are willing to invest in a portfolio that invests a maximum of 75% of the investment in Variable Income , although a central exposure of 60% is estimated.Its objective is to invest a minimum of 50% of the total exposure in variable income assets, establishing a 60% exposure to variable income as a neutral level and a maximum of 75%. The rest of the portfolio will be invested in fixed income instruments (public or private), and/or liquidity.
Rest BasketMutualists who consider it too risky to maintain their positions in the other two portfolios can move said position to this safe haven portfolio, until market conditions become more friendly. This portfolio allows the mutualist to move their positions and avoid risks without having to redeem their capital and pay taxes on the profit obtained from the investment.Conservative basket since you will directly or indirectly invest 100% of your assets in money market assets and/or short-term fixed income assets. There will be no exposure to currency risk at any time.
Information regarding sustainability

Consult here all the information related to the sustainability of the Unit Linked Explora product.

What do I need to do to contract?

If you are already a member, you can apply for this product by accessing your private area.

If you are not yet a member, take out this product by downloading and completing the application form.

Need help?

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about this product and its contract, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a Unit Linked?

A Unit Linked is a life insurance policy linked to investment funds, which allows you to save and invest in your future at the same time as taking out a life insurance policy. Part of the investment is used to pay the insurance premium, and the rest of the capital is invested in a basket of financial products. The policyholder decides how much he or she wants to invest, how the capital is distributed according to his or her return expectations, and the risks he or she is willing to assume. The higher the risk, the higher the expected return.

In unit-linked funds, returns are not guaranteed, as they vary according to market changes. It is the policyholder who assumes the risk of the investments made with the sum contributed, and may even suffer the loss of the funds contributed.

Unit-linked funds are supervised by the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP).

What is a mutual fund?

This is an asset pool made up of the contributions of a variable number of people, called unitholders, who invest jointly in a group of assets. This form of collective investment aims to achieve a higher return than if invested separately.

These assets are invested in different financial assets – bonds, equities, derivatives or any combination of these – in accordance with the fund’s investment policy. The return on each participant’s investment is a function of the fund’s performance.

Mutual funds generally have no limit to the number of participants, the more investors the better, although some require a minimum contribution.

How does Unit Linked work?

The member chooses the product that best suits his investor profile from among the investment alternatives available. The member can also mobilise the capital between the baskets belonging to the unit-linked scheme.

The premiums are invested in the combination of funds selected, according to the profiles and funds made available by the Company.

With this premium, the member is allocated a number of units according to the net asset value of the funds.

From the outset, the investment made will obtain the return associated with the investment funds chosen by the member, with no additional charges of any kind.

What are the tax benefits of Unit Linked?

Unit-linked policies have the tax advantages of life insurance, and no tax is paid on the money invested until the moment of redemption.

In the event that the client surrenders the capital, it will be taxed in the IRPF as income from movable capital.

On the other hand, if it is extinguished due to the death of the insured, the beneficiaries will be taxed according to Inheritance Tax.

Which figures are involved?
  • Participant: Who invests. Who is the policyholder and the insured.
  • The insurer: Mutualidad.
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