Plus Vida *

Secure your loved ones’ future

Protecting those you love most is the best way to take care of yourself. Plus Vida is a product that allows you to leave the beneficiaries to decide on an insured capital so that, in the event of death, they receive it the way they want: either as capital or as income.

* Coverage included in the Plan Ahorro Flexible del Plan Universal de la Abogacía


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What do I need to do to take out the policy?

In order to take out Plus Life, please contact us or, if you prefer, we will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

With regard to Life Insurance, is the Mutualidad obliged to declare its beneficiaries to the General Register of Life Insurance of the Ministry of Justice?

No, the Mutualidad is exempted from sending this information, according to Law 20/2005 of 14 November on the creation of the Register of Insurance Contracts for Death Coverage.

Does death cover have to be in the form of capital or can it also be obtained in the form of an annuity?

Death benefits may be received by the beneficiaries in the form they choose from among the following:

  • In the form of capital, which is paid in one lump sum. Payment may be made immediately on the date of the event giving rise to the contingency or deferred to a later time. In this case, returns are accrued during this deferral.
  • In the form of an annuity: this shall consist of the receipt of two or more successive payments at regular intervals, at least one of which must be made each year. The form of annuity can be financial (or periodic payments) or life annuity (payable monthly for as long as the beneficiary lives). The latter offers 5 types of annuity (annuity to be paid exclusively in the event of life, annuity with a certain payment period, annuity with reversion in favour of another person, annuity with partial return of the capital contributed in the event of death and annuity with total return of the capital contributed, the latter two with the possibility of withdrawals).
  • Mixed form: a free combination of the above.
  • Benefits other than the above, in the form of non-regular payments, with the remainder of the accrued value retained.
Does Plus Life cover only accidental death or also death due to illness?

Death coverage covers death from any cause, whether accidental or natural.

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