When you take the leap into the world of work, and decide to become self-employed, you will have to choose between a public or private social security system, i.e. between the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) or an alternative Mutual Society.

So that you can make the best decision, we explain the two options in detail.


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Plan Alternativo Autónomo

In Mutualidad you can increase your contributions in order to improve your benefits and, when you reach retirement age, you can choose how to collect your money.

In Mutualidad the capital that is built up with the contributions is revalued annually thanks to the profitability of the Plan Universal, so that you will end up obtaining a capital much higher than that contributed.

As it is an individually funded system, the premiums paid are yours. In the event of your death, the capital contributed will be collected by your beneficiaries. Moreover, if at some point you decide to join the RETA, the decision is reversible and you will not lose the capital you have built up in Mutualidad.

Advantages of Mutualidad

Choose what is best for you and don’t be hasty. You are about to make a big decision for the future, because if you choose to join the RETA, you will lose your right to join Mutualidad or another alternative mutual insurance company if you change your mind. We will tell you about the advantages of being a member.

Combine it with other forms of savings and security to increase your retirement, with a high return and, where appropriate, tax relief.

Products for the self-employed

There are many reasons to be self-employed. We help you achieve your goals with exclusive products designed for you.

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