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Enjoy the best private medicine for you and your loved ones at the best price with Mutualidad health insurance from Adeslas: more than 43,000 professionals, 1,150 medical centres and, in addition, 150 dental clinics.

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Options to take out the policy

We offer you 3 options, so that you can choose the one you are most interested in at any given moment. options include exclusive services for you and your family.

How much does it cost?

Exclusive price for new mutual members under 50 years of age and for the first 3 years €45 per month. Check how little it costs to access quality private medicine for you and your family.

Monthly installment amount¹
Age²PremiumPremium DentalPremium Dental Reimbursement
0-19 years€50.28€53.02€90.37
20-59 years€56.74€61.09€102.03
60-64 years€65.07€71.88€105.92
> 64 years€68.25€75.06€110.61
¹ Current premiums 2024. Not including CLEA taxes that are paid on the first receipt of each anniversary of the policy (between 0.91 and 1.99 euros).
² It is considered the closest to the birthday at the time of hiring, and every January 1 thereafter. The maximum hiring age is 64 years.

Exclusive services for you and your family

We provide you with services in approved centres for the treatment of infertility and assisted reproduction, aesthetic medicine, stopping smoking and care for dependent persons, at special prices for Seguro de Salud policyholders.
Plus, feel more secure with a 24-hour paediatric medical advice telephone service and a free second opinion service from top international specialists.

Extensive coverage

Your insurance has the best coverage: from primary care, specialists, hospitalisation and surgery and reimbursement of up to 90%, to exclusive services only for our members.

No cost per medical intervention no stubs

With Seguro de Salud you don’t have to worry about anything at all… only about choosing the doctor you want. By showing your card you will be able to attend your appointment without any problem. In addition, when you go to a doctor abroad for an appointment related to the included cover, you can also receive a reimbursement of up to 80%.

And for the self-employed

In addition to the health benefits, this insurance will also save you taxes if you are self-employed. Thus, you can deduct up to 500 euros for the costs of your own coverage as well as those of your spouse and children under 25 years of age with whom you live.

What do I need to do to take out the policy?

If you are already a member, you can apply for this product by logging into your user area.

If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for this product by downloading and completing the application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting period after taking out Seguro de Salud?

There is an eight-month waiting period for surgery and hospitalisation, although this waiting period disappears in the event of an emergency. There is also a 12-month waiting period in the case of transplants. However, except for the services included above, the rest of the services included in the coverage do not have a waiting period.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Medical conditions that have been declared at the time of taking out the insurance are not included, but don’t worry, contact us to explain what you can do in these cases.

In Seguro de Salud, is epidural anaesthesia covered?

Yes, in any surgical intervention in which it is recommended and, of course, in all types of childbirth.

Can I go to the doctor the day after taking out Seguro de Salud?

Yes, from the first day the policy comes into force, except for those services that have a waiting period, which are the following: surgical interventions, hospitalisation – including vasectomy, tubal ligatures and surgical prostheses -, which will have a waiting period of 8 months, except in the case of a vital emergency or accident, for which this waiting period disappears. For transplants, the qualifying period is 12 months.

Which tests need authorisation?

Complex diagnostic tests, ambulance transfers, medical or surgical treatment and hospital admissions.

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