Tax advantages of savings insurance

Find out about the tax advantages of the savings insurance policies offered that Mutualidad has for you.

Ventajas fiscales seguros ahorro

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What are the tax advantages of savings insurance?

Here are the tax advantages of the monthly payments made to savings insurance policies.

There are benefits to making contributions, such as reductions in your personal income tax base. These can be found in products such as the Personal Provision System (PPA) or the Professional Provision System (Sistema de Previsión Profesional)

There are other benefits you get when you collect the benefit in products such as the Plan de Ahorro 5, Systematic Savings System (PIAS) and Renta Vitalicia Remunerada (Remunerated Life Annuity).

Mutualidad offers you the support of a specialised professional team that will be able to assess which plan or product is the most suitable for you.

Savings tax advantages

Our products are tailored to your needs and offer you multiple benefits.

Savings products

Choose the one that gives you the most advantages and start enjoying those benefits.

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